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CERATIN® Surface Treatment

Treatment of turnerbars and rollers with new innovative Surface Technology Due to the new developed surface treatment the German company Häuser & Co GmbH will create a situation were the polution of your turnerbars and rollers will decrease extremely and as a result of that he downtime for cleaning will be reduced to a fraction of that what you are used. The Surface Treatment can be done on new bars and rollers but also as a retrofit on used bars and rollers. The new surface is very resistant against mechanical and chemical demands.

Usage and advantages

  • Special treatment of the surface
  • Multiple layers of the CERATIN® Coating
  • The surface will be very resistant against high Mechanical and chemical demands
  • Polution (built up) with printing inks will be postponed and decreased
  • Easier and faster cleaning


Turnerbars non treated after 100.000 copies full of pollution. This will definitive cause problems like foulds in the paper and will result in printingdefects Turnerbars treated with Antracit Grey CERATIN®
after 200.000 copies with no pollution visible.
The rollers stayed clean for several days more after this.

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